Viable Self-Sufficiency book – a KickStarter project

From the publishers of Home Farmer magazine comes a new book called “Viable Self-Sufficiency – The Ultimate Guide to Living off the Land” which has been written by committed long-time smallholders, Tim and Dot Tyne.

This is the most comprehensive guide to living off the land since John Seymour’s seminal book “The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency” which was published back in 1976.

Viable Self-Sufficiency cover image

Viable Self-Sufficiency cover image

This is not from a massive publishing house and this is not just another mass produced book to be sold as cheap as chips via discount outlets or bookshop chains. It is a high quality, full colour, thoroughly researched, substantial book which will have a relatively short initial print run of just 4000 copies.

It is also being printed in the UK, by one of the very last remaining printers of hardback, colour books left in this country. Why publish a book which advocates sustainability and then have it printed half way around the globe and possibly sacrifice another part of our own UK printing industry in the process?

You can help them to make this a reality via their KickStarter project and depending on the amount you are willing to donate you can get some fantastic rewards. The more you donate the better the reward from signed copies of the book to Home Farmer magazine subscriptions and much more.

At the time of writing this the KickStarter fundraising project is already 60% of the way but that still leaves 40% to go and every little helps so please take a look!

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